Available Therapy Services include:

Individual Psychotherapy

Investing in your mental and emotional health, healing from the past, and discovering inner strengths that support fulfillment, joy, and peace.

Psychotherapy addresses mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, substance use, and trauma while considering your past experiences and how they have contributed to your understanding of yourself, others, and the world. Psychotherapy goals often include decreasing depression or anxiety symptoms, increasing self-compassion, and learning skills like distress tolerance or assertive communication to assist in improving your sense of wellbeing and fulfillment in life.

Life Coaching

Investing in your future, building your strengths, and implementing a strategy to reach your goals.

Life Coaching provides structure and encouragement to help you reach your full potential. Whether you know where you want to go or are considering your options, together we can clarify your goals and implement a strategy to achieve them. I will help you identify obstacles, recognize and acquire needed skills and resources, hold you accountable, and encourage you on your journey.

Support Groups

Investing in and building social connection while learning skills that help you make and maintain behavioral changes that support your goals.

Support Groups provide a confidential and welcoming space to address your concerns with others who face similar challenges. Whether you are sharing your story, listening to others, or engaging in discussion, you will feel a sense of belonging and experience encouragement from the facilitator and your peers.

Book Clubs

hands holding a book open

Investing in your life by taking a deep dive into topics that guide and support you on your journey.

Book Clubs provide a focused dive into a specific topic of interest. Book Club offerings include self compassion, supporting a loved one in substance recovery, and coping with grief.